Funded places for disadvantaged children.

We believe that Art Camp should be for everyone, and want all children to be able to enjoy the Arts.

Between 2019/23 we have been awarded £54,500 worth of funding. To allow us to offer fully funded places to local children who may have not been able to have the opportunity otherwise.

Social economics or coming from a vulnerable background (disadvantaged) shouldn’t determine accessibility to the arts. It’s a fact that the Arts offer a gateway in later life to expression, culture, communication and possible career opportunities that no one should miss out on.

We have a treasured working relationship with Leeds City Council Youth Activities who have supported us since we started Art Camp with funding. They have been really amazing and it’s been great to see so many children get the opportunity to enjoy our school holiday camp.

We have had some amazing parents who have wanted to raise money and one parent organised a sponsored half marathon to raise over £700 for funded places over the Summer. As we grow as an organisation, I am keen to make sure that the funded places also grow with us.

We’d like to work with the Arts Council and local councils to allow each new site the option for funded places. I’d like to arrange for a yearly sponsored event maybe a long distance walk or Everest Base Camp to raise funding. I’d also like to work with parents and schools who would also like to arrange for sponsored events and local charity organisations. Funded Places on our half term holiday kids clubs in Leeds are limited so please email us.



First let me start by thanking all your amazing staff, for the time and effort that they put into these children, some of my children this time had special educational needs quite complex needs in some cases, but that didn’t stop you from ensuring that these children were included and they had an absolutely amazing time. It would have been so easy to say we don’t cater for these children, but not ARTCAMPUK you value and include every child so cannot thank you enough for that.

I also wanted to let you know that a parent of one of the children approached me, this child had been through an horrific time recently and that was one of the reasons I chose the child to attend, mum had been very sceptical and didn’t believe that he would enjoy it. I had persuaded mum to give it a go, she couldn’t wait to tell me how wrong she had been. She felt that her child had gained confidence not only in himself but in his ability to do things, he had been prepared to have a go and was full of entertaining stories when he got home of the things that he had done throughout the day and the new friends that he had made. She could not praise you all enough.

So on a final note please remember that you and all your staff make a difference. You empower these children, you give them self-belief and you all do it in such an amazing way. Our kids camps in Leeds Yorkshire are no 1 for fun!

Thank you again.

If you would like to get involved or if you are parent that would like to access the funded places please email me.

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