Westgate Primary School

Westgate Primary School holiday Camp in Otley

We are really looking forward to running Art Camp at this fabulous setting of Westgate Primary in Otley, a wonderful school holiday camp in Otley The School is perfect for Art camp, we have an amazing hall, and classrooms. We shall have our first camp on the half term from the 30th may to 1st June, and then a 6 week summer day camp in Otley. Our childcare camps in Otley will be by far the most fun and creative camp, we love our kids camps and hope our summer camps will be legendary. You won't find better childcare in Otley this summer. Your kids will love our children's camps in Otley. Please take your time looking at this website and we hope to see you this year for an unforgettable Half Term and summer camp in 2022.

for on site manager phone Emily on 07759 308199 between 08.00 - 17.00

Westgate Primary School, Scarborough Road, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3JS

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